“This is really something SPECIAL! EVERYONE needs to experience this!” exclaims *Sarah after her relaxing water healing treatment.

Sarah had not been feeling at all well that morning – jobs were taking too long; decorators and tradespeople were letting her down and her partner was being un-cooperative.  Sarah was feeling frustrated and tired, and was aware that she needed to relax but felt compelled to keep on pushing on – conscious that she was running out of time to do certain things.  It wasn’t surprising that she had a headache and a slight temperature.  Her body was sending her signals to slow down.

But we all find it difficult to listen to our body at times.  I know I have certainly been the victim of the “push on through” school of thought.  What I have learned though is that “pushing” is a form of “resistance”.  And when we are practising resistance, we feel like everything is an uphill struggle, from simple conversations that are mis-interpreted to gargantuan tasks like moving house.

But, there is another way.  Although these tasks, conversations and jobs still need to get done, we can change our mind-set and our attitude towards them, so it feels like the day “flows” more.

The experience Sarah was referring to during her healing with water treatment was that of SURRENDER.  Sarah was able to completely relax, floating on the water as she was healed by the Universal Life Force or Energy which transmitted itself through my hands.

She had to allow herself to trust, to be supported, by the water and by me, in order to experience complete peace of mind.  She had to allow herself to let go of all anxiety and to quieten her mind so that she could be fully present in the moment, without list making or imaginary conversations.  Only then was Sarah able to “flow” as she felt connected with her body, her mind and her baby.  This sense of “allowing” is what enables us to live our life with “ease”.

Finding the Magic Key:

Once you have experienced surrendering, letting go and trusting the Universe to support you, then there is no going back.  You have access to the magic key with which you can live a life with ease and joy.  In fact, it is exactly this mind-set which you can use to ease your pregnancy and labour, and this is what is taught in Mastering your Mind-set in Pregnancy.  But this takes practice! It is easy to write or read it here, but so much harder to actually do.  Surrender can feel frightening, as it feels like you are surrendering control.  But you are surrendering to something so much bigger than yourself.  You have to trust in the Universe, and the knowledge that your body instinctively knows what to do; where to soften; when to push.  You have to learn to heighten your intuition so you can listen to the needs and messages of your mind, body and emotions.  This is why you will need some quiet time…. To listen and connect with that higher part of yourself.

Mono-tasking is the new multi-tasking!

So how do you cope when you have a to-do list as long as your arm? Well, believe it or not, multi-tasking is no longer the way forward.  It is far better to be totally engrossed in one activity at a time, giving it your full attention, so that way it is completed efficiently and more quickly. So, if you’re feeling tired and drained, then take some time out, away from what you’re doing, switch off your “guilt” voice, and then come back to the task a bit later, with clarity and a new-found focus. Follow the link below to read 6 tips on getting tasks done with the Fast Company.




Being in flow, and taking time to pause are both crucial elements in achieving what you want, how you want in any area of your life and this is where Mastering your Mind-set in Pregnancy is going to be valuable not only during your pregnancy, but in using your newfound skills afterwards too.