Welcome to the Beautiful Souls Tribe!

Welcome to your new community, a global community – a community of people who care deeply about  the connection they form with their baby. Here is your sacred space – that supports you to consciously co-create and parent your children.  By being in tune with your intuition and leading from your heart, you will grow together in harmony and form a deep mind, body and soul connection.

In my years of experience, this is THE most important gift you can give yourself and your family, and indeed humanity.  So I would like to offer you this wonderful opportunity – to be part of this movement, and join with like-minded souls within our private Facebook group.  By being part of this global tribe, you will benefit from:

  • Weekly guided meditations
  • Mind-set tools and techniques – to help you feel great, whatever stage you’re at
  • Interviews with specialists to answer your FAQ’s about pregnancy and parenting
  • Support from other pregnant couples and parents
  • Recommended products that are safe and nurturing for you and your baby
  • Live healing sessions with me, as your personal Reiki Master
  • Discounts and special offers on new products, launches and online programmes

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